Friday, August 10, 2012

5-Minute Eyes

I. Love. Makeup.

Which is funny, because this is definitely my first makeup tutorial EVER on Aunie Sauce. Now, if you really know me, you also know that I have 29 eye makeup how-to tutorials on my other blog LastLash, but that's neither here nor there. All I want to say is that makeup is kind of my thing, and I really enjoy doing it.

That being said, let's get into today's 5-minute eyes. This is my go-to look. I use one powder, an eyebrow shadow, 1 palette, 1 eyeliner and 1 mascara. If you get good at it, you can have it down in 5-minutes without a problem. And... if you don't get it in 5-minutes the first time, don't be discouraged! The liner takes lots of practice.

My sister was sweet enough to let me capture this tutorial while I did her eye makeup for a wedding back in July. This tutorial comes at the perfect time because I just did this to my eyes this morning for a wedding that I'll be attending this evening! Oh, and don't miss tonight's wedding hair here!

As a preface: the palette I use is a special-edition Sephora Beauty Insider 500-point palette from Lancôme. I was really bummed when I found out that this palette wasn't for resale. I want to give this palette as a gift for all my friends who are brides because the colors are so lovely. There's a frosty pink, a matte mauve, a matte white and a matte gray. It's so flattering on everyone. It would probably compare closest to this palette (in Innocence Couture) from Lancôme that Sephora sells now.

Ready for it? I'll take you through it step by step.

1. Begin with bare, clean eyes.
2. Apply a primer to your eyelids (I also apply to my eyebrows). The primer I use is Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer in 7 (it's pink!). It's actually a face primer, but I find it works on my eyes better than anything! Be careful though, if you sweat (I do everyday at the gym), it does come off. Not waterproof at all. Think: pink sweat... interesting.
3. Fill in your brows with brow powder. This will really help define the eyes. I use Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde.

4. Even if you've never filled in your brows before, give it a chance! It doesn't have to be dark. Look at what a difference it makes!
5. Shadow in the entire lid with the frosty pink shadow (or lighter frost color in your palette). I'm not a frost fan, so that's why I only use it as a base.
6. Use the white matte shadow (or a light matte color) to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. This will really make the makeup pop and brighten your inside corners of your eyes.

7. Use the matte mauve (or a matte medium color) to shadow in the outer-V of your eye. If you want to add the dark gray matte (or a darker matte) to the crease to make it even smokier, that is OK, too. I kept it pretty natural for us this time. I use the dark shadow in the crease if I'm going out on the town (which is rare). You can also highlight your brow bone with a white frosty shadow as well. I used Sephora's Colorful Mono No. 23 in Aspen Summit.
8. Line the eye! I use Physician's Formula Eyebooster Felt Liner. This is the best stuff. It's so easy to make a cat-eye with this.
9. To learn a cat-eye winged look, click this link. I had no "eye-dea" how to do this until I learned from the pro, Miss Lauren Conrad. You basically draw a simple line at the base of your lashes, draw a small line, like a check mark, toward the edge of your eyebrow. Then, you go back and fill in the "V" part of the check mark. Is that confusing? Click that link above and see it for yourself!

10. Isn't that finished cat-eye awesome? I don't like to do it too extreme, because then all you see is the liner... and let's be honest, there is such a thing as too much.
11. To finish, apply 2 (or 3) coats of mascara. For my sister, we used Covergirl LashBlast Volume. It's our favorite mascara.

So... 5-minute eyes. Will you give them a try? And does my sister have the most beautiful eyes or what? She's going to rock this look on her own wedding day (22 days, Marn!).

The final look:

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Allyson McGuire said...

I love this look - definitely trying this very soon!

Whitney H said...

Um, you and your sister are GORGEOUS. Come do my makeup for this weekend? haha

Julie said...

This looks great! And I love the color palatte. I'm going to have to take a trip to Sephora now. :)

Sammantha said...

You are just so gorgeous, whatever :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunie! You should totally do more tutorials:)

Oh and you and your sister and just absolutely gorgeous!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Well done, Aunie! Love it! Unfortunately, my eyes were not made for eye shadows. I'm strictly a liner and mascara girl unless I'm doing stage make-up which is the whole sha-bang, false lashes included.

P.S. The link embedded as the cat-eye tutorial is actually the Walmart link. :-( Can you send me the LC tutorial link?

Christi Lynn said...

love it! i will definitely try this on a fancy dayy

Baylee said...

I appreciate the tutorial! I am so not a makeup girl. I probably wear makeup once a month? Maybe less.. Also I had no idea what primer was.. or anything about filling in my brows.

Elisha said...

You two are the most gorgeous girls ever!!

Shaina Longstreet said...

I use that same Physician's Formula eyeliner!! I've never seen anyone doing tutorials that uses it, but it really is the bomb. Made me smile to see you use it. :) Love the tutorial and you should totally share more here.

Unknown said...

love this! can't wait to try it...

Allyssa said...

I agree with filling in your eyebrows! A little bit of powder does make a huge difference!

I think I need to buy that eyeliner. I've always wanted to try the cat-eye, but I always end up making a mess. This looks like it'd be so much easier!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

Decided to link up today. Just because!

Chelsea said...

I'm always so intimidated when it comes to trying new things with make-up; however, I am going to try to follow your steps! We will see what happens! ;-)

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Okay I can never ace the winged look so thanks for the referral to link...going to check out! You and your sis look beautiful!

Amanda said...

Do you know what I love about this post? That you shared up-close pictures of your eyes + brows. Your fear post last week is still resonating with me, and I love that you just threw caution to the wind and shared this with us. Thank you. :)

You're a treasure, have I told you that lately?

Hima said...

Guess who just got a $25 dollar gift card to Sephoraaaaaaa?! That's right :)
Except, I suck at make-up in general and only ever have the patience to put it on, like once every three month, and only when my mom makes me. No joke, every time I put on eye-liner, I think I look like a train hit me. Hopefully, with some practice, I can get a semblance of this. So pretty!


Anonymous said...

I have had so many people ask me how I do my winged eyeliner and it is so hard to explain to someone when you don't really think about what you are doing when you are doing it. I tried explaining it to my friend once and just ended up saying "Well... I just do it!" I tried showing her on my own eyes and ended up totally messing it up, when I have to think about what i'm doing, I can't do it! haha

Priya said...

Your eye make-up always looks fantastic so I'm dying to try this! That is seriously the best winged eyeliner look I have ever seen! Gorgeous sisters!! Thanks for sharing this Aunie!

perfectly priya

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

This tutorial was amazeballs. I always have a ridiculous time trying to pull off the cat eye but you make it look so easy! And thank you for sharing that link, I'm going to check it out right now. xo

Danielle said...

You make this look so so easy! I have pretty small eyes and for some reason liquid liner never seems to look great, especially the cat eye. I'll have to give this a try though.

PS: Have you tried checking MakeUpAlley for that palette? There are quite a few gals on there who swap limited edition items. It might be worth looking into!

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Oh those lashes make me jealous!

Anonymous said...

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