Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Ahead and Raise Your Hands

 Just so you know,
it's a beautiful Tuesday morning over here in Sauceville.
And as I'm looking around, 
I'm seeing a couple new neighbors.

I'm not sure if you're finding yourself among one of the newbies in the neighborhood,
but I'm here to welcome you.
So go ahead, raise your hands if you're new.
You can also say hello here.

And hey, maybe you haven't had a moment to catch up on my archives.
And that's OK.
Want to learn more about me?
Click here.
Want to meet some other new friends?
Come back each Friday and link up, "just because."

But in case you're not much of a reader, 
I'll just show you a little bit of what I'm about.

I have a really studly dude in my life.
His name is Daniel.
He is super.

I'm big into working out.
I do it... 5-6 days a week.
And a lot of the time, I like to instagram my workouts.
Which usually means I'm ready to be done at the gym for the day.

I looooove food.
Specifically anything containing cheese.
Mac-and-chese. Pizza. Pasta. Cheese.
All of those.
The beauty below is the Pesto Pizza from the famous Village Pizzeria in Langley, Washington.

And also, despite my general distaste for shopping,
I do like clothes.
I like mixing and matching outfits.
Putting together tons of different combinations with simple, basic pieces.
Style is a big thing on this blog.
Not big as in "good," but big as in common.
I guess.

So, now that we know each other
(you can also say hi in the comments),
I think I've had enough of talking about me.

I'd like you to meet my favorite little lady this month.
Tranae from Becoming Fabulous.
Let me just say this about Tranae.
Funny, fashionable, and a big heart.
Tranae has been on my Saucy Team since the beginning of Aunie Sauce.
I really appreciate her and her friendship.
Make sure to read to the end for a little surprise from our friend, Tranae!


Hi there, you saucy readers. I’m Tranae, a sweet Georgia peach with dreams of Becoming Fabulous. I’m almost there, the other times I fake it.


This week the hubs and I are celebrating our four-year anniversary of jumping the broom. 


And since Aunie was gracious enough to allow me to guest post on her blog, I thought I would seize this opportunity to share ways to keep from smacking (or getting smacked by) your significant other.


Now I know you may be thinking, what does she know? I have drawers older than four years. I get it…no one really wants to hear relationship advice. But I’m gonna tell you away. J And at the end, I’ll give you a little something just for reading.

So Here Goes…

~Keep it Fun
At least once a week, you should chase or play some type of joke on each other. Believe me nothing says I love you like having someone you love scaring the piss out of you.

~Shut Your Pie Hole While He/She is Driving
Did Mr. Gibbs tell Captain Jack Sparrow how to sail the Black Pearl? Did Scotty complain on how fast Captain Kirk flew the Enterprise? Did Neo tell Morpheus how to pilot the Nebuchadnezzar? No! Nothing is more annoying that side seat drivers… so shut it.

~Don’t Eat Gassy Foods Before Going to Bed
Nothing says mood kill like smelly farts so if you can avoid gassy food before bed, do it. In the event you can’t avoid ripping one, make sure your partner’s head is completely under the covers and when they pop from under the covers with that confused look on their face say…Got Ya!

~No Fondling While Blogging
Unless your blog pays 99.9% of your bills, this is not the time to multitask. Put the computer down, have your fun. I mean, would a 15 minute break really hurt?

~Learn To Bar Tend
There will be days when you feel like smacking your boo thang but don’t. On these days make yourself a couple of Long Island Ice Teas and curl up with your nearest 50 Shades books. After reading, your desire to smack will turn into a craving to be smacked. (Lame…I know. I should have stopped at number four but where is the fun in that?)

See… that wasn’t so bad. Be sure to stop by Becoming Fabulous and drop me a line. I’m desperately seeking new readers.

And just for sticking it out to the end of this post, I'm offering you the opportunity to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and the featured ad space on my blog for the month of September. Good luck and thanks guys.

Stay Fabulous Saucy!
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Sarah said...

I need to start following you on Instagram so on the days I don't feel like working out, I can see that you got off your butt so I can get off mine :) haha and that pizza looks delicious! Definitely made my mouth water. Yumm!

Priya said...

Loved that guest post! Seriously, I loled. Heading over there right now. Your closet is beautifully organized, btw!

perfectly priya

Stephanie said...

4 years! How exciting. Thanks for the giveaway Aunie and Tranae!

Jelli said...

Hilarious guest post. Loved it! I'm also 4 years in this coming November. Would love to win the giveaway!

Freya Lily said...

I've been focusing more on working out, if you remember out e-mail exchange about good work outs, I've been getting back on that band wagon. I've been drinking lots of water and stopped drinking beer (hard for me). I'm hoping to get back into my size 8 jeans by Christmas. I have 134 days until I go home for the holidays. Challenge accepted. Thanks for the motivation!

Erin said...

Please help me find the motivation to work out even just 2-3 days a week! I am lacking but NEED it badly. My wardrobe that I can't fit into will thank you ;)

Baylee said...

Great guest post!!!-New follower!!

Annelise-I love the pic of you and your man... especially how no one else is dressed up in the background... LOL!!!!

Brooke Nicole said...

I am cracking up!!! This was hilarious!
I already followed Tranae in almost every way...now I'm completely on the Tranae Train! Yaya!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

LOL! Love that post and advice Tranae! Congrats on 4 years!

Chelsea said...

I'm a new fan! Love the relationship advice, Tranae! You made me LOL! :-)

Janna Renee said...

She looks like Jennifer Hudson in that first pic! PS. I have been thinking about going to the gym on post, and you are one of the main inspirations!

Victoria said...

I guess you could say I'm a new kid on your block! I can't even remember how I found your blog or even how long I have been reading, but I know I still feel like I am getting to know you. This was a post that helped a little more! Good idea :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I adore Tranae! And this guest post was pretty hilarious!

Unknown said...

I agree anything with cheese is AMAZING! Also why I get my butt to the gym every week lol!!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Farrell! I have a new etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/quotationmarks?ref=si_shop) and a blog where I post a quote a day. I found you about a week ago and have loved reading your blog. Thanks for being intentional lately about sharing what's on your heart!!