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Air National Guard FAQ: My experience as an airman and officer
Updated Friar Tuck: No heat curls
I Joined the Air National Guard!
3 Words.
Our Engagement Story


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// These posts have been written about the life-changing events, the favorite memories, the moments of true diary-style reflection, and the little bits of "sauce" that I hold dear to my heart. They are listed newest to oldest.

  • My Interview Process to Become an Officer in the Idaho Air National Guard: This one answers a lot of questions!
  • Security Forces Officer Course Week by Week: One of the best trainings I've ever been to.
  • Hood to Coast Relay 2016: My favorite relay ever, my favorite sister, and my 30th birthday all in one.
  • 30 Years of Santa Photos: 30 years. Thirty. Each one is priceless.
  • Freakin' Fast Marathon: My best marathon time (at that time, it's now a 3:00:56), a 3:06! 
  • United States Air Force Half Marathon & MAJCOM Challenge: The opportunity to represent the state of Idaho and the Air National Guard at a race was too cool.
  • Palm Desert Trip 2015 Video: A trip to Southern California filled with hikes and adventures!
  • Seattle Road Trip: Our 2014 summer road trip to Washington where we visited Seattle & Whidbey Island. I love documenting trips through video diaries.
  • I am an American Airman: My first post back from Air Force Basic Military Training.
  • Doubt Your Doubts: A post about doubting yourself and your thoughts.
  • I Joined the Idaho Air National Guard!: Photos of my enlistment and why I decided to dedicate my life to serving our country!
  • City of Trees Marathon: My first (and only) marathon. I ran it with my mom—it was a very neat experience!
  • twenty-seven.: For my Golden Birthday, I chopped off 12-inches of my hair to donate to charity. This post was the big reveal.
  • Weekend Video Diary: My favorite kind of post—a video diary! This one chronicles a weekend in the summer of 2013 when my sister and her husband came to visit.
  • Palm Desert Road Trip 2013 Video: A video diary of a trip that Daniel and I took to Palm Desert. Each day and adventure was documented. What an amazing trip that was!
  • Maxwelton Beach: In July of 2013, Daniel and I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a vacation with my family (they all live there). This post shows photos of my favorite place on earth—Maxwelton Beach on Whidbey Island.
  • Me & Icy Running: A Blog Post From My Mom: A post about the running adventures I've had with my best running buddy—my mom—told from her point of view.
  • The Ideal Body: What is the ideal body? YOUR body is the ideal body. Why comparison is the thief of joy and true happiness is found from within.
  • Fog: A short poem about being in a mental foggy state. Poetry is one of my favorite things to write.
  • My Daily Hair Styling Routine: A fun video I made about how I style my hair. It's frivolous but I love video tutorials... and the song. The song is great.
  • Yes To Stylista San Francisco Trip: A Video: A video about the trip I took to San Francisco in January of 2013 to tour the Yes To, Inc. company after winning their Yes To Stylista competition.
  • THE WEDDING: Photos from the most special day in my life in December of 2012 that I got to share with my amazing husband, Daniel.
  • Yes To Stylista!: My reaction post to being named Yes To, Inc's "Yes To Stylista!" I was shocked, honored, and beyond excited to win—it was an honor!
  • My Military Man: A post about my husband's military career and the announcement that he was moving from being a personal trainer to accepting a full-time recruiting position with the Air National Guard.
  • Our Engagement Story: The short & sweet story of our engagement that took place in McCall, Idaho in August of 2012.
  • 3 Words: Our engagement announcement! The 3-words? "I said yes!"
  • "You LOOK Happy.": A post about the struggles with my past & last relationship, and how I've transformed my life since. I went through a very rough period during 2011 (based on mistakes that I made), and this was a small glimpse to how I turned my life around afterward.
  • The Journey: A heartfelt look into the mental transition I was taking at the time to try to move on in my life after past hurt.
  • 50 Shades of Aunie: A post about growing as a person and realizing who you want to be. 
  • It's not just peeling eggs.: A post about my grandparents and the special relationship I have with them. At the time, all four of my grandparents were living and I was reflecting on how special time spent with them is, because I wouldn't always have that opportunity. Shortly thereafter, one of my grandfathers passed away. This post is always a good reminder to love those around you each and every day.
  • Changes: A post about becoming a new person after becoming a Christian. I wrote this post in June of 2012 after being saved in March of 2012.
  • Eyelashes: A short post & quote about remembering that who you are and the impact you make on the world is much more important than any material item or the way you look.
  • Courage: This post shares a quote that hung in a frame in my bathroom during my childhood. It was posted on an especially important date that is still close to my heart—and was posted to help me remember that moving on is all you can do after the past is behind you. I was still struggling with overcoming the hurt from my actions, and this post was the beginning of talking about it and moving forward.
  • The Beginning.: The very first poem and post that I wrote on Aunie Sauce. I sat down, typed it out, hit publish, and Aunie Sauce was born.