Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's not just peeling eggs.

When I was in Seattle, I was able to spend time with my grandparents.
All 4 of which are having issues with their health.

It's heartbreaking.

Watching my family members,
the ones who helped raise me,
the ones who were there when I was born,
the ones who love me,
in pain...
it tears me apart.

One morning, my Nanny needed to peel eggs to make deviled eggs.
These eggs were especially bothersome because the shell wasn't peeling easily.
She was feeling dizzy, 
and clearly didn't want to spend 30 minutes doing such a tedious task.
I offered to help.

We huddled over the sink,
peeling stinky, farm-raised eggs,
and laughed about who could peel the best egg.
I'm pretty sure that I won our mini-competition,
though I told her all her eggs were the best.

In the photo above, we were laughing.
Nanny didn't know that my mom took the photo.
It was just her and I.
Peeling eggs.
It was a moment in time that I will cherish.

I hope I have the chance to peel eggs with Nanny again.
To hang out in the office with Papa and listen to his stories about his old photographs.
To walk across the ferry and chat with Grandma,
or even watch one of her favorite shows with her, like Dancing With The Stars.
I hope I have another chance to eat a bowl of Corn Flakes around the table with Far Far.

I love Idaho,
but I resent being an entire state 
and a 9-hour drive away from my grandparents.
I feel like I should be there with them.
Sharing memories, stories, love.

Once a year is not enough.
Twice a year is not enough.
It will never be enough.

Nanny, Papa,
Grandma and Far Far,
I love you.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Now it's my turn to be there for you.

Next time I come to town... let's peel some more eggs, OK?

OH—And Papa... "I B Jammin'"
Your Icy

Aunie Sauce


courtney fulton said...

This was so touching and sweet! Made me tear up a little :')

Freya Lily said...

I took all the time I had with my grandmother for granted when I lived in Oregon. I regret not spending time with her. Now I try to call her all the time. She's even booked a ticket to come see me in Toronto in October! I'm so happy :)

Jenna said...

Both of my grandpa's passed away while I was in highschool and while I was able to spend time with them often, it's a terrible feeling knowing I'm not able to do that anymore. I'm glad you had a chance to spend quality time with your grandparents :)

Liliana said...

awwww that is so touching i feel you completely, i am so attatched to my grandmother who is 82 years old and everyday spent with her i cherish.

Elisha said...

This is soooo swet. <33


Baylee said...

I'm sorry your Grandparents aren't doing well health wise. I love your egg story and picture. I really, really miss my Grandparents. It's crazy how much they can change our lives and how much joy they bring. Hope you are doing okay.

Jess said...

This post gave me goosebumps.
My grandparents mean THE WORLD to me and this makes me so grateful that I live near(ish) them.

Thank you for the sweet reminder to never take time with loved ones for granted, lovely!

Your'e a gem, you know that?! :)


Casey said...

Gracious, this post made me cry. I am 9 hours away from my Nana too, and it is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.

Anonymous said...


Britni Alexis said...

This about made me cry! I'm only an hour and a half away from my grandparents and it breaks my heart that I don't get to see them as much as I want to. It especially makes me sad when I think that one day, when I have kids, they probably won't be as close to their grandparents/great-grandparents as I was simply because we don't live in the same town.

It sometimes makes me wonder if I should forego the happiness I have in a new town to go back home to be closer to family. Tough, grown-up decisions!

Breenah said...

Such a sweet post :D

anika♥Lee said...

This is a sweet post. You are lucky to have grandparents still alive!!! You are doing right by treasuring the times you enjoy with them. I'm an old fart {30} and all of my Grandparents have passed away. My Son spends loads of time with my Parents and I just love to watch them interact. I hope they can make memories for years and years to come yet!

Marissa said...

ANNELISE!! This was so heartfelt. We moved to Boise about two years ago from Connecticut & except for my grandmother in Burley, all my family is back east. We mss them so much sometimes! To record these moments on the blog will be in your heart forever!


#mommylife said...

aw this is just too sweet, i love it. makes me miss the times with my grandmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm sobbing at my desk after reading your words. I've lost both sets of my grandparents and I miss them every single day. Your post was exquisitely written and incredibly moving. Your grandparents are so blessed to have such an amazing granddaughter.

Sammantha said...

This is beautiful, girl. Life is crazy, amazing, and heartbreaking all at the same time. I wish I had this relationship with my grandparents, it is so precious the way you talk about them and they are lucky to have you. Praying you get to peel many more eggs :)

Priya said...

Hey Aunie! I think I got a comment from you, but then I couldn't find it? Anyway, thank you so so much for your sweet words! You are too kind! Meeting nice people and hearing encouraging things makes blogging SO great! I really appreciate you!

perfectly priya

Stephine said...

Honestly, I did not even have to read the blog post. After seeing that picture, you can just feel the amazingness and love there.

Janna Renee said...

This just brought tears to my eyes. I am 1,000's of mile from my family and friends, and it breaks my heart to not be with them. This was a beautiful reminder of cherishing the most important people and things in life...

Amber said...

I do have to say though, that man, peeling eggs is hard-I do a terrible job! On a more serious note...that is a sweet moment...I am in a similar situation with my grandmother and it is hard to watch. Luckily, they do know how much we care for them. :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I lost three of my grandparents within six months. Those six months and the year before them were difficult, but I'm happy for the time I got with them. Some of my favorite memories are the very little things that happened toward the end of their time here. Even if you can't see them every day, cards always help. :-) Even if they have difficulty reading them, I'm sure someone else would be happy to read it to them.

Now that I live in Houston while my entire family is in San Diego, I still send me grandma "just because" cards all the time. My mom tells me that she loves them, and she displays them at home. When I drop into town for something, we visit. She's prefers short visits, but those 30-45 minutes are always wonderful.

A Life Un-Styled said...

What a loving post! Just a few weeks ago I was recounting a story about peeling eggs as I was peelings eggs with a friend (who is like a sister). I remember one evening my mum and my younger sister and I were peeling eggs to make an Indian egg curry and my mum knocked the hard boiled egg on my forehead! And that started an all out war between the three of us. It was a moment I cherish dearly...what is it about peeling eggs?! I can see why this is your favorite post! (by way of RDD!)

Kristen Victoria said...

This is so sweet!! How did I not see this before?? I wish my grandparents were still around. The memories I have are so far gone and faded from before I was 10 it makes me sad! It's all about the memories, and I love that you share them here :)