Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Girl Who is -Not-

Skirt: Francesca's (similar) // Top: Nordstrom Rack // Cardigan: Old Navy (similar) // Jewelry: Premier Design // Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

 On my about page, which is kind of new by the way (maybe go have a look?),
I claim to be a bunch of "not's."
I mean, a lot of people know me as that girl who is not the mom.
Not the cook.
Not one to whip up DIY projects...
though I can bust out a pretty sweet hairstyle now and again.
But that's totally beside the point...
Tee hee...
Is it appropriate to include an inside joke in a blog post?
Maybe... OK, sure it totally is.
Just go with it.
ANYWAY... I guess I should clarify what I am/am not.

I am not:
  • a domesticated wife (yet...).
  • a mama to any adorable babies.
  •  a cook of any fabulous recipes.
  • a DIY-er who creates fabulous things.
  • always comfortable taking photos for style posts.
  • a fan of reality TV.
  • entirely comfortable with my body (read: midsection)... though that's a different post altogether (and why I workout so much).
  • a profanity user.
  • a shopper. Me at the mall? Pick up item→ assess potential→ purchase→ donate because I'm too lazy to return it.
  •  a blonde... or a brunette. Can't decide.
  • an eater of Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or donuts.

I am:
  •  a total romantic.
  • really good at making 3 things, white chicken chili, banana cake, and a mean bowl of cereal.
  • a mama to a bearded dragon.
  • a cover-hog.
  •  a shower-singer.
  • a mac and cheese connoisseur.
  • a super-soaker-sweater at the gym... as Daniel calls it when he gives me little kisses afterward, "salties..."
  • always late.
  • a nail-file-aholic. I need square nails... all... the... time.
  • always willing to eat ice cream.
  • a bouncy ball collector.
  • slightly obsessed with mascara.
  • incredibly, overly, and totally obsessed with Daniel.
  • a sleep talker. While in Seattle, sharing a bed with my mom, I woke her up one night because I was giggling (in a really high-pitched voice) and said, "Oh, pour me another!" Needless to say, that was also the night we had seen Magic Mike. Gross.

post inspired by Sammantha


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

YES! Inside jokes in posts are absolutely acceptable! Bahaha! I am so in love with this post, mostly for the inside joke, but also for the content.

You are wonderful, Annelise, and thank you for brightening my rainy morning with this inside joke! I know Gesci will love it too!

Sammantha said...

LOL, okay so yes of course I read your no naked nails blog - and i always saw those balls but i never thought "hey, why the heck does she have so many of those things?", lol now i know :)

thank you for linking me up too, by the way :)

Priya said...

Not to overload you with myself but...I just really like this blog, mostly because you are as real as they come. Not to mention gorgeous inside AND out (horrible horrible cliche, forgive me, but I don't know how else to say it)! I enjoyed reading this little bits about you and can totally relate, especially to shower-singing, ice cream, romantic, NOT being a wife/mom/DIY-er!

perfectly priya

Queer Christian Collective said...

Too cute. I read love this post :) And yo - Brussel sprouts are NOT OKAY.

Queer Christian Collective said...


Tranae said...

ha. I sleep talk too.

Loved this post.

Gesci said...

Hahaha, love this!! I am still grinning from the joke, too :) This is a fun post- love learning about you, Friend!

courtney fulton said...

Haha! I'm totally the same way about shopping.. most of the time I just buy stuff online and if I don't like it when it comes, oh well! I'm pretty sure I single handedly support my local Goodwill.

Georgia Glam said...

Love this post!!! I myself are not a mommy or chef or diy-er....guess that is why I love your blog :)

Baylee said...

I am seriously LOL'ing over "oh pour me another"

Faith said...
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Faith said...

hehe, sooo funny! the last line is hilarious!

and yeah, i'm not a DIYer either. don't get me wrong, i wish i was but i know what i am and what i'm not.

but i am a self proclaimed chef. not because i went to school or anything but because hubs licks his plate after i cook.

anika♥Lee said...

Those pics are super cute. My fave is the 2nd one. :) Cute outfit, too!

Love the lists.

And Magic Mike "oh pour me another" LOL!!!! yummy

Happy Thursday!

Jess said...

I sleep talk sometimes too! It's always funny to have someone else tell you what you've said.

Ashley said...

cute post, love the outfit!

Chloe Innvaer said...

I love this idea! I might have to do an inspired post as well! =) What you are despite of what you may and may not be is amazing! =)

Jessica Who? said...

ummm YES! my about me section pretty much says the same thing :)

Amanda said...

Oh girl! I talk jn my sleep too lol! I will actually yell and I have recurring dreams of saving my sister do I'm always yelling out her name haha. I'm always scaring and waking up eric!

Anonymous said...

ummm youre the cutest ever!

AMY PALMER said...

the color of your skirt is amazing! your hair is pretty gorgeous as well!


Lisa @ MMT said...

You're so cute! Loved reading all this about you....and what you're not. Now let's enjoy some ice cream ;)

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I love how honest you are! Sometimes blogging feels like a competition to see who's the most fabulous/gorgeous/talented/crafty/amazing mom, etc. etc. But I love it when bloggers are REAL and themselves : ) P.S. I totally sleep-talk too.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I agree with everyone else...I love it when blogging is about real people who aren't 100% fabulous! Have a great rest of the week!
XO Anna

Stephine said...

Hahaha, I think I got the inside joke. Then again I could just be the nerd over here laughing at nothing haha.

I love that you're not all those things and you are the things are you - because you're original. You just blog to be you and I LOVE that and that's what I look up to in a blogger and who I hope to come across as.

Also, I am totally jealous of your workout motivation. I, also, have a terrible midsection and I keep saying I'm going to do stuff and I don't. I really want to take up running but I keep putting it off, looking for the perfect app - thinking of the perfect time - saying I'm going to start the next day. How do you get so much motivation? I love the fact of working out and sweating my butt off but getting there sucks haha.

Jenna said...

I wish I was a fabulous DIY-er! Which is why I am attempting 2 DIY projects this weekend. Fingers crossed! :)

Allyson McGuire said...

I love that you call yourself the "not" blogger. I seriously consider myself an "almost" in about everything - almost graduate, almost teacher, almost wife, almost grown-up!

Lauren Rebecca said...

You are the type of person that draws people in naturally. The fact that you are a bunch of "nots" makes you unique in itself & that is intriguing to others. (Don't feel bad, I can't cook either) And might I add, you are so pretty! I love your hair & you have a great smile :)
Happy weekend Aunie!

Anonymous said...


I love that last one on the "What I am" list..!

Janna Renee said...

You are perfect just being YOU. I seriously wouldn't change a THING about you, and all that matters is that you are happy! PS. I am NOT a fan of reality tv either!