Friday, July 27, 2012


If you're one of my friends around Boise, you know that I like to go to the gym.
A lot.
But if you really know me, you know it's more of a have to.

I mentioned yesterday that one of my weaknesses is food.
I know it's something that a lot of us deal with,
but as I said in that post... it's a constant battle for me. 

Pizza, mac-and-cheese, ice cream...
I could live on heavy carbs, calorie-loaded dairy, and an occasional salad.
But I don't.
I try to choose wisely... most of the time...
which is why I'm always heading to the gym straight after work.

I've never been a skinny girl.  
I've always been athletic.
It used to make me really self-conscious growing up, especially when I was never able to be a flyer on the cheer team because of my "size," which was still quite small, just so you know.
It didn't matter if I was in middle school, high school, or college...
I was always one of the "bigger girls" on the team. 
Which is insane,
because if you look at the photos from last week's JBC,
I was not carrying a pound of extra weight.
I was heavier than most girls... but you guys, it was muscle. I was an athlete.
But that's how they thought of me... which translated into major self-consciousness of my body. 

Anyway, after I stopped cheering at Boise State in 2009,
I realized how much activity we did each day at practice,
and the lack of it started adding pounds(as in 30+ pounds) to my frame.
I had to start working out in lieu of my running races and cheer practices. 
Ever since, I've always had a personal trainer.
Whether he's putting me through bootcamps, lifting, crossfit, or cardio sessions...
I'm working my booty off.

In 2010, I was recognized for my hard work when I was employed with
And the program I was following in that article is not too different to what I'm doing now.
5-6 days a week.
Sweating buckets at the gym. 
And let me tell you what... that builds muscle and confidence like no other. 

You'd think with all that motivation and exercise that I'd just be a little ripped hard-body, right?
Well... that's where the eating comes in.
And ruins everything.
But—I'm fortunate because Daniel is a personal trainer... and he really helps my lifestyle.
He's not my trainer, but he is so motivational.
Whether it's going to the gym, eating better, splitting meals (our favorite), 
or just being encouraging, he is always there for me.

I think one of my favorite parts of the day
is right after my workout,
when I'm disgustingly stinky, red-faced, dripping with sweat, not an ounce of makeup left on my face, hair plastered with salty sweat to my head,
and Daniel tells me I'm beautiful.

It makes every drop of sweat and every skipped candy bar
so. worth. it. 
I used to be self-conscious,
but now? I wouldn't trade being athletic for anything.

So, whether you're in the still-young and crazy-fast metabolism stage,
20's, 30's, 40's, 50+'s,
any age, any metabolism level, any number of pounds, or any level of an athlete (or not),
just remember this:
YOU are beautiful. YOU can take charge of your health.
You CAN make a change. You DON'T HAVE TO listen to what others say.
And as long as you're CONFIDENT with yourself,
your beauty that you feel about yourself will be so evident to others.

Now put on a smile, 
grab a healthy snack,
and meet me at the gym at 5:30 for shoulders and cardio.
See you there. 

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Carly said...

Love this, I've been at a teaching conference about PE and childhood obesity all week, totally pumped about working out and healthy lifestyles right now!


Tiffany said...

Love your link up! And your blog--I totally agree about loving to be athletic! :)


Michelle English said...

Such a good perspective. I've dealt with something a bit different, and that's when I DON'T go to the gym I lose weight, and when I'm constantly going to the gym I usually put on 10-15 lbs or so. I've had to realize that it's because I'm putting on MUSCLE and that's okay! So now instead of weighing myself @ the gym each session, I just try to do it once a week and then follow up with assessing how I feel in terms of overall body/mind health rather than obsessing over a number.

Hima said...

Thank you! I just got online to print out a workout before I headed out to the garage to do cardio and weights, and this was a total morale-booster!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

LOVED this! I used to be a huge gym rat. Then life and cancer and all that jazz got in the way. I really NEED to get back into going to the gym because you are right... it really does build a ton of confidence.

Way to go girl!! And I am with you on loving carbs. A little too much. :)

Katie said...

I am right there with you! I am so disciplined with working out every day and I love it but the eating part is a challenge!!

Amanda said...

You are so tiny girl! I always have trouble going to the gym...we eat pretty healthy durin the week. However I could live on carbs alone as well...big carboholic here! I told eric...if I dot go to crossfit next week...make me cancel my membership!

Priya said...

Great post Aunie! Taking pictures at the gym makes it a little more interesting (so does cute workout outfits). I'm trying to stay motivated to stay active ever since I stopped running cross-country/track and while it's hard, I always feel better when I do! I admire your discipline so so much because I know it's not easy. And for the record, you look fantastic. Athletic looking girls all the way! Daniel loves you that way too!!

Janie said...

I really need to get back into my routine. I've never been a big gym person because I'm one of those people who has to be tricked into working out - like sports and what not. I've been begging my husband for a mountain bike! In the spring, I was doing Jillian Michaels dvds because I adore her and her workouts are awesome and keep me motivated, but I stopped when we started getting outside and playing on the playground with the kids and what not. Well now it's been raining like crazy and we haven't been going to the playground and I feel tired and lazy and need to get back to feeling good about myself. I think it's important to maintain a healthy active life! :) And you look great! And I love your attitude about fitness <3

JMc said...

Oh my goodness, I have a girl crush on your calves now! lol!

Great post. I work out a few times a week but I have recently gotten serious and decided this has to be at least a 5 day a week thing for me. And I've gotta put more time into it. This post was just what I needed to read today! :) Thanks!

Stesha said...

your bod looks great lady!


Michelle @ The Goodnight Girl said...

WHAT the stink? People thought that you were heavy?! Sick. You're beautiful, girl, and I'm glad you realize it. :)

Kristen Danielle said...

I totally get what you're saying about gaining weight. I was a dancer 18 years of my life until I graduated H.S. Then bam, no more 8 hour practices, no more crazy cardio. I didn't realize that I couldn't eat whatever I wanted while not having all of that extra cardio & whatnot. I gained probably more than 30 lbs... and here am I trying to get rid of the pounds the healthy way. I used to believe those gimmick diets you hear about on TV "Lose 10 pounds a week" yada yada yada. But, I know now, that the ONLY way to do it is eat right & workout. Simple, right?? :)

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! Oh & I've always wanted a personal trainer, but I'm sure it's expensive. Where did you find your personal trainer??


The Pink Growl said...

LOVE this! I've never been a skinny girl either - I just naturally have a bigger butt and hips/legs. (Thanks a lot dad's side of the family!) You just gotta work with what you got!

Baylee said...

Hell ya girl!
I wish I was in Boise and I'd come gym it up with you! I need motivation. I have an athletic body too. Always been bigger which is weird to me to look back at my high school bod and see how tiny I was and thinking I was fat because I was athletic. Geez louize. I'm A LOT bigger now, but love my body more then I did then. Crazy how that works. Wish I could hit the gym with you!!!!
Loved this post.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading this post.. I wish I was as good about going to the gym as you are! I am with you, I could eat pizza and junk like that for everymeal. It really takes its toll on you though... thanks for the inspiration!


Amy said...

This reminds me about how I used to work out everyday at the gym after I had practice for Cross Country and track. I was only 120 pounds then. I weigh a lot more now, but I am not sure why. I don't think people need to exercise more than an hour a day most of the time.

Chloe Innvaer said...

Soooo uhm this is extremely motivational! I have always been the girl that has had roller coaster weight aka up and down. When I was dancing there was always reason for it to be down... now... yup college sucks for weight! But you know what I am newly single, have more time on my hands, and more time for ME, and my butt is getting in the gym! I love food too, but I love me more! Thanks for inspiring me one more time miss Aunie!

Queer Christian Collective said...

I really liked this post. And girl got calllllllllves! Hehe :) I've been trying really hard to get back into working out daily and eating correctly - you think it'd be easier as a vegan, but it's not - and posts like these just continue to motivate me. Can I ask some advice :)? I used to be super fit - like, to the point I was jacked and you could see every muscle in my leg - and holy hell how I've fallen from grace.

Jenna said...

I love this post!I was bless with my momma's high metabolism so I've never had a weight issue. But as I get older, it's becoming more imporant to me to simple BE HEALTHY! I've been working really hard at eating healthy(for the most part! I love to eat too!) and staying active. Sometime's it's hard to feel motivated to workout after a long day of chasing toddlers at work, but I always feel so much better afterwards :) Thanks for such a motivating post!

Lauren Talon said...

Love this Aunie! I'm at the beginning of what's hopefully going to be a great weight loss journey but it's going to be a slow one and I'll need the motivation every now and again ;) Good on you for working so hard!!

Marissa said...

So glad you posted this! I too have always been athletic but have put on extra weight over the last few years that I'm working hard to take off. I know it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for being so motivational!


Sarah said...

Um, can I have your body please?! I'm like you....I have to workout so I can afford to eat the kinds of food that I like haha

Have a great weekend! xo

Allyssa said...

I've never had the motivation to exercise regularly, which is a shame because I really should. I love the feeling after a good workout, I just hate the actual working out lol. Thanks for the motivation!

Jamie said...

I think you look awesome girl :) I struggle with my weight as well. I used to be a stick. I could not gain weight for the life of me. People thought I was anorexic. I started to gain weight and have now peaked. Everyone says I look great but I don't feel great. I would love to lose about 10 pounds and then I think I'll be happy. I always tell myself, the number doesn't matter, it's how you feel that matters!

Keep it up :)

<3 Jamie

Kelly said...

Girl this post is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for this little light of encouragement! Since i've had babies I feel like m body isn't even my own anymore and i'm struggling BIG TIME! I've got about 12ish lbs to lose to get back to that confident feel good place. Its not about weight with me BUT it just so happens that that number is where i'm fittest and feel the best. I miss my strong legs and my SHOULDERS. Man.... I gotta find a way to figure it out in THIS life that's for sure!

Freya Lily said...

I really like that you stress that you are athletic and not just skinny. You and my best friend would get along great. She's always been really fit and is now turning it into a career because she enjoys it so much! Keep going girl, you inspire me to be the better me! I'm

Smellybear said...

Thank you. This is what I've needed. I'm so happy you have Daniel to tell you you're beautiful after every workout. Thank you for posting this wonderful post today.

Taylor Grace said...

I loved this post, but I wished you would have wrote it on Monday... See it's Friday now, and for me all rules go out the window for the next two days. Maybe I'll just have to reread this on Monday when I'm feeling super thick and need some motivation. Have a good weekend :)

Stephine said...

I love love love this post. I actually just posted about you in one of my recent posts. I'm going back to school and I've changed my major to nutrition science. It made me think about you and hope you were proud because I know how hard you work.

I've always been TINY my entire life. Skin and bones tiny. I ate like a whale but didn't gain an ounce. Now that I'm on all of this medication and I've had a c-section, I've gained 50+ pounds within the last few months. I'm so miserable but I'm determined to lose it. I want to to push myself to the limit but mentally I can't get going. I need to find that 'do it anyway' mentality that you have!

Janna Renee said...

I would LOVE to come work out with you....I haven't worked out in years, but I couldn't say no. My hubby isn't a trainer but he knows his stuff, so he is really encouraging too! I want him to get my butt to the gym when he comes home. I like your fitness post, so keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this!

So inspiring :)


Unknown said...

Love these posts! I am like you, especially. Efore important times in my life! I put in 2-3 hours 6 days a week, but am I rock hard? Nope! I love eating healthy, but I can't get enough calories to keep up with my workouts. Such a vicious cycle! Any suggestions on healthy, but protien heavy foods/meals?

DSR said...

I needed this post. I think I commented last week on another one of your posts that I too am a snacker with a ridiculous sweet tooth. I've never had a weight issue but after having a baby and becoming a stay at home mom (always within reach of the food in my fridge), it's something I struggle with constantly. I actually cried tonight after I ate a cupcake because I felt really guilty.

I have a 9 am appointment tomorrow with my personal trainer and plan to give it my all. And then I vow to go to the gym again on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday.

Thanks for sharing that this is a struggle for you too!

Unknown said...

YES, lots more fitness posts :) Keep me motivated to do right!

Celeste said...

I love this! I was a dancer and cheerleader all my life, and now that I'm in my late 20s and my active lifestyle is almost non-existent these days, I've noticed a HUGE change. As in, an extra 20 pounds on my 5'2" frame. Just last week I finally found the motivation to get back in the gym (more often than once every couple weeks) and give a healthier diet a serious shot. It's nice to hear that other people have to work hard at it seems like there are so many natural skinny minnies around! You've helped motivate me on a blah kind of Monday!

grace said...

YES fitness posts! definitely! i have been on a fitness kick recently and love reading posts like these.
you are so inspirational!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way! I workout almost every single day so that I can eat whatever I want and still stay healthy. I feel that life's too short not to enjoy eating :)