Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On My Heart ♥

Necklace c/o: Ashlee Alaine Designs

I've been called saucy,
and swanky.

But under all the zebra print,
glitter, and confetti...
my favorite thing to write about is what's on my heart.

It's usually love.
Just saying.

But in case you'd like to catch up on my more heartfelt posts,
I've collected them all here for you.
You lucky duck.
Pulling Back

PS> Today I'm featured on my good friend Matt's blog. He's a Christian, he has a heart for missions, and eventually he is going to move to Mexico and change lives with the power of God. Give him a visit today, read his kind words about me, and show him some saucy love!

Aunie Sauce

What's on your heart today? I'll give you one hint about what (or who) I'm thinking about. Starts with a D and is 6 letters. Obvious?


Priya said...

I feel a little tiny bit shallow because what I did end up blogging about today is interior decor type stuff (so it's kinda on my heart, but not in that way) honestly what is sticking in my heart is that being around people (actually, or even reading those blogs) that are truly kind, friendly, and wishing the best for others leaves me feeling really inspired to be better to everyone, even total strangers. Thanks for being an encouragement Aunie!

perfectly priya

Baylee said...

Cool linkup!! I love it!

Heather said...

Aww what a sweet post... and I love your necklace :)


Unknown said...

Love your necklace and the link up! Thanks!

A Little Piece of Me said...

I love this photo! What a great idea to list posts about what's on your heart. You have given me an idea! :)