Monday, July 23, 2012

The Double Rainbow

Clutch: c/o JAVOedge

"In such a time as this,"
the tattoo on my friend's forearm reads.
It's perfect, and couldn't be more fitting for this very moment.
Of course, the meaning to her is different than to me.
As it should be.

I don't think I've ever been more in love.
More happy.
More taken aback each day when Daniel smiles at me.
More hungry to begin our life together.
More blessed that all the pieces are falling into place.
More stunned than when those blue eyes smile back at me.
More willing to drop any plans in a moment just to spend time together (ahem, the gym).
More excited for what each next day will bring.
More hopeful for the future.
More myself than I've ever felt before.

In such a time as this...


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. I've never seen 2 rainbows at a time before, very cool!

Queer Christian Collective said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad that God has blessed another one of His children with a wonderful love and life. I love reading your blog :) You have such a poetic look on life. I hope you guys can maintain the utmost happiness with one another.


Anonymous said...

We had a double rainbow in Vancouver yesterday, too! So beautiful. Love your sandals!

Ash said...

i love this post! the words and the pictures are beautiful.. great way to start the week off!

and YAY! for the utter happiness in your life right now (:

Sammantha said...

This is so beautiful, despite the constant "IT'S A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!" youtube video streaming through my head. I've never actually seen a double one, but from the looks of this it is gorgeous.

And as far as the actual writing goes: I can totally relate, and I am so genuinely happy for you!

PS- you should let me know how you got your blog footer thingie to be like that with the facebook, twitter, email and pinterest. Because I can't figure it out :P

Priya said...

Really sweet post Aunie! I'm happy for you!! I feel ya on dropping any plans to spend time together, even if that means going on a run or something I don't want to do! Ha!

perfectly priya

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post! I love all of the pictures. It reminds us to appreciate all around us! Have a great week!

L said...

Those pictures are beautiful girl!!! =) LOVE that you managed to capture those so well!!

Much Love,

Brooke Nicole said...

Beautifulsssss! Love your writing in the end. =) Spoken from a heart that's full.

Morgan said...

I love that saying! And I really love posts like this. Its so nice to see where your heart is.

Baylee said...

Great pictures!!! Every time I've tried to take rainbow pics they never turn out. The colors always too light.
I feel this:
"More hungry to begin our life together."
I got the hunger too.

Victoria said...

Love the rainbows and your purple shirt! Your thoughts about Daniel are pretty sweet too. Thanks for sharing.

Britni Alexis said...

So happy for ya, girl! It's a great feeling and it'll only get better in time! Hard to believe, right?!

Call it Adventure said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. :) I'm so glad things are going so well!

Lauren Loeffel said...

This is so sweet and beautiful! Love the pics.

Amber said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

sigh:) great post

Bev said...

Seriously.. picture perfect!!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Omg this is unreal!!!!! How beautiful!!! Xoxo Kelly

Sara said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love your outfit!

Jennifer M. said...

Woo!!! How pretty! :D